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IWAA Committee 2019-21

The purpose of the IWA Australia (IWAA) committee is to enhance the experience of IWA members in Australia by being the Australian voice internationally and the international voice in Australia. We are supported by the Australian Water Association and are a link between the two partnering Associations. 

Our committee is made up of diverse people from around the country, including several YWPs. Our committee members are empowered to shape and take ownership of initiatives that they believe will achieve IWAA’s purpose of enhancing the experience of IWA members in Australia. We have monthly committee calls with subgroups working on committee initiatives between these sessions.

Thank you to everyone who nominated for the International Water Association Australia (IWAA) committee.

In total, we received 26 valid nominations for 13 vacant positions, with two of these 13 to be Young Water Professionals. The final committee will consist of 15 members, including the ex-officio appointments being the Chief Executive of the AWA (or their nominee) and the CEO of WSAA (or their nominee).

Read the nominee statements (below), and when doing so we encourage you to consider candidates through a lens of diversity, whether it’s diversity of gender, experience, ability, skillset, background, interests, company, or position.

Nominee Statements 

Voting is now open, and will close at 5.00 PM (AEST) on Friday 19 July.

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Committee Initiatives

Over the last 6 months of the 2017-2019 IWAA committee term, the committee set eight initiatives to work towards before the end of the term in June 2019. The initiatives are around communications, budgeting, events, inclusion, membership engagement, a scholarship, and preparing for the next IWAA committee election.

Specifically, the initiatives are:

1. Newsletters
2. Preparation of IWAA budget for 2019/20 
3. Supporting a regional bid for ASPIRE 2023
4. Delivering a Sustainable Development Goals workshop at Ozwater 2019
5. Engagement with members
6. Developing the Emerging Water Leaders Scholarship
7. Review the member election process for new IWAA committee term 

IWAA 2017-19 Current Committee Members


Darryl Day
The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management 
E dday@icewarm.com.au


Kathryn Silvester
Sydney Water
E Kathryn.silvester@sydneywater.com.au




Robbie Goedecke
International Projects Officer
Australian Water Association
P 02 9467 8424
E rgoedecke@awa.asn.au

Jonathan McKeown

Australian Water Association
E jmckeown@awa.asn.au

Karen Campisano

Manager, Research and Innovation
Water Services Association of Australia
E karen.campisano@wsaa.asn.au


Sandra Hall
Advanced Water Management Centre
University of Queensland
E s.hall1@uq.edu.au

Lionel Ho
SA Water Corporation
E lionel.ho@sawater.com.au

Tom Mollenkopf
Peter Cullen Trust
E mollenkopf@bigpond.com

Jurg Keller
Advanced Water Management Centre
University of Queensland
E j.keller@awmc.uq.edu.au

Mark Pascoe
International WaterCentre
E m.pascoe@watercentre.org

Luke Zappia
Water Corporation
E luke.zappia@iinet.net.au

David Nixon
Nixon Clarity
E david@nixonclarity.com

Shona Fitzgerald
Sydney Water
E shona.fitzgerald@sydneywater.com.au

Ben Thwaites
SA Water
E b.thwaites@student.unsw.edu.au

Nicholas Schofield
Australian Water Partnership
E nick.schofield@waterpartership.org.au

Diana Gonzalez Botero
International WaterCentre
E d.gonzalez@watercentre.org