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18 January 2018
Sydney Water and UNSW collaborate to cool Western Sydney
Sydney Water and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have partnered together to try to find ways to turn down the heat in Western Sydney. The Cooling Western ...

18 January 2018
WA Water Corporation and NPE deliver successful wastewater bypass project
WA Water Corporation has successfully set up a demanding 100 per cent bypass at its Beenyup wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) without disrupting day-to-day operations ...

17 January 2018
SA Water aims for zero net electricity costs by 2020
SA Water has an ambitious plan to achieve zero net electricity costs by 2020, through a renewable energy generation program. SA Water currently serves 1.6 million people ...

17 January 2018
Federal Govt pumps $2.2m in efforts to save Great Barrier Reef
In a bid to reduce damage to the Great Barrier Reef as a result of coral bleaching events, the Federal Government has announced plans to install eight reef mixer fans off ...

16 January 2018
MDBA recommends water-saving initiatives
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has recommended a 605GL reduction to the Sustainable Diversion Limits in the southern Basin, claiming that the implementation ...

16 January 2018
Number of water main breaks decrease in SA
The number of water main breaks and leaks across SA Water's network has decreased by just over 25 per cent in 2017 as compared to the previous year, according to SA Water ...

15 January 2018
Here’s how one young water professional developed her career
Engaging in extra-curricular projects and volunteer work in the water sector is a sure-fire way of accelerating a Young Water Professional’s career development, with one young ...

15 January 2018
How to become a water sensitive city
Innovative thinking and collaboration are two key ingredients in successfully transitioning into a water sensitive city; and a recent research project shows that, when creating ...

15 December 2017
What’s the future of irrigation piping?
Customised irrigation pipes built onsite could be the future of flexible and efficient crop water supply, thanks to a new biodegradable irrigation piping product currently under ...

15 December 2017
Melbourne Water grabs gong for VR tech use in hazard identification
Melbourne Water’s use of virtual reality (VR) technology for hazard identification has been awarded ‘best solution to a specific workplace Health & Safety issue’ at the 2017 ...

14 December 2017
Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry stresses on major water reform
The NZ Government has come under pressure to implement major regulatory reforms for the guaranteed safety of drinking water following last year’s Havelock North contamination ...

14 December 2017
Water security concerns arise for NSW midcoast
Water security for NSW’s midcoast has come under the spotlight, with service providers considering water restrictions across the region as a result of an extremely dry winter ...

13 December 2017
WA prepares for seawater desalination plant development
Water Corporation is moving to secure land for a potential extension of the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant at Kwinana, in the wake of water security concerns. The utility has ...

12 December 2017
NSW Government invests $130M towards water treatment expansion
With Sydney’s north-west set to expand by 29,000 residential dwellings, the NSW Government has announced plans to invest $130 million to expand water treatment and supplies ...

12 December 2017
New stats show WA’s dangerous thirst
Residents of WA may need to focus more readily on water-saving provisions, with the latest ABS Water Account 2015-16 revealing households in the state use as much as 122kL ...

11 December 2017
Blockchain tech brings industry closer to water-energy nexus
Industry may be one step closer to realising the water-energy nexus thanks to a two-year project that aims to deliver renewable energy and sustainable water supply with the help ...

11 December 2017
Will a change in governance and regulation result in reduced water bills?
Water bills could double by 2040 unless Australia moves away from governments both owning and regulating water utilities, according to Infrastructure Australia. A recent paper ...

11 December 2017
Victorian Water Award winners announced
Australian Water Association Chief Executive Jonathan McKeown has congratulated the winners of the 2017 Victorian Water Awards as they were announced at the VIC Awards ...

8 December 2017
Katherine bans local produce consumption following water contamination report
Local seafood and home-grown produce are off the table for Katherine residents, following the release of the Department of Defence’s interim report into per- and poly-fluoroalkyl ...

8 December 2017
Hunter Water proposes desalination plant build at Belmont
Hunter Water has initiated plans to build a temporary desalination at Belmont in NSW, as part of an insurance policy. The policy was proposed in the case of unprecedented ...

7 December 2017
Water and humidity cause abundance of toxic waste at redevelopment site
Thousands of tonnes of toxic waste has been uncovered during excavation at the Westfield Kotara redevelopment, resulting from waste matter exposed to water and humidity ...

7 December 2017
Victorian water quality concerns arise following deluge
The Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has identified water quality concerns over the state’s waters, following recent heavy downpours that could have resulted ...

6 December 2017
New testing method produces hydrogen gas from tidal energy
The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has successfully produced hydrogen gas with electricity garnered from tidal energy, establishing the potential for a carbon-neutral ...

6 December 2017
NSW power station to receive new water treatment plant
The Mount Piper Power Station in NSW is set to receive a new water treatment plant (WTP) with Springvale Joint Venture and EnergyAustralia commissioning the construction ...

5 December 2017
WA lifts ban on water activities in local river
The WA Department of Health has lifted the ban on water activities in the Denmark River, a precaution that was recently put in place following the leak of more than 10,000L of ...

5 December 2017
Alliance forms in Victoria for groundwater planning
Groundwater extraction by bottled-water companies is being fought by north-east Victorian residents, with community members concerned of the effect of extraction on aquifers ...

4 December 2017
Tasmanian Young Water Professional of the Year announced
The Australian Water Association’s Chief Executive Jonathan McKeown has congratulated the winner of the 2017 Tasmanian Young Water Professional of the Year Award as it ...

4 December 2017
Channeling change across sectors by embracing diversity
The Australian Water Association last week held interviews with some of its members as part of the Channeling Change program, an initiative in collaboration with the Australian ...

4 December 2017
Victoria’s water sector was well-prepared for extreme weather over weekend
Over the past weekend, Melbourne and other parts of Victoria were subject to extreme weather, with torrential downpours averaging at more than 200mm. Many areas within the ...

4 December 2017
Getting the measure of biosolids stockpile emissions
Lowering emissions in the water industry will require a much better understanding of greenhouse gas production during biosolids treatment processes, according to a PhD candidate ...

1 December 2017
US Government launches first global water strategy
The US Government has released its first global water strategy in an effort to coordinate its response to floods, droughts, disease and other water-related issues posing international ...

1 December 2017
Water security concerns arise in Qld regions
Contention over the water security of Rockhampton and central Queensland has erupted following a leaked report citing the region’s vulnerability during drought. Commissioned by the ...

30 November 2017
Better enforcements are required around the Murray–Darling Basin
Following a review into compliance matters across the Murray–Darling Basin, Queensland and New South Wales have been called on to do more to ensure regulatory enforcement of ...

30 November 2017
WWTP review brings council $400,000 in savings
New South Wales’ Hawkesbury City Council has saved around $400,000 thanks to a review of treatment operations and processes at its South Windsor Wastewater Treatment Plant ...

29 November 2017
Auditor-General's Report puts spotlight on Adelaide desalination plant
Questions regarding the financial viability of Adelaide’s desalination plant have arisen once again following the release of the 2017 Auditor-General's Report. It revealed that the electricity ...

29 November 2017
WA suburb receives water infrastructure refurbishments
One of Western Australia’s oldest suburbs is set to receive a range of water infrastructure refurbishments in a bid to secure the area’s water, wastewater and drainage network well into the ...

28 November 2017
Recovery programs for Murray-Darling Basin results in water savings
As of October 2016, water recovery programs administered across the southern Murray-Darling Basin have generated 224GL in water savings for farmers and the environment, according to the ...

28 November 2017
Seqwater works to flood-proof Qld’s water supply
In a bid to flood-proof south-east Queensland’s water supply, Seqwater is embarking on a relocation project for the East Bank pump station as part of a long-term plan to mediate the negative ...

27 November 2017
Dowsing or smart technology – have your pick to locate underground water
While parts of the rest of the world practices methods of ‘divine intervention’ to find underground leaks or water pipes, Australia proves that it is ahead of the pack with its latest technology. Reports ...

27 November 2017
WA pumps $15m into local water treatment plant
Western Australia’s Glen Iris is set to receive a $15 million government-funded water treatment plant, with the project heralding a boost in industry and a sustainable and secure water supply for the ...

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