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Latest news

Device creates drinking water from thin air 09 November 2018
Prize-winning device creates drinking water from thin air
A low-cost, energy-efficient system that harvests freshwater from the air by creating artificial clouds inside a shipping container has won...

Hume dam 08 November 2018
MDBA tests new Hume water release patterns to boost hydro power
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and Meridian Energy Australia will trial different water release patterns from Hume Dam this...

water treatment 07 November 2018
Work begins on WA wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Western Australia’s (WA) Margaret River wastewater treatment plant is getting a $20.4 million upgrade, which will double the plant’s capacity.

water price 06 November 2018
Queensland regulator investigating irrigation prices
An independent review of irrigation pricing in Queensland is being undertaken in an attempt to give water users greater certainty into the future.

Bathroom of the future 05 November 2018
Inside the water-saving bathroom of the future
Australian bathrooms are ready for the next phase of water conservation: ‘smart’ fixtures that use data to help manage and drive efficient...

Water shark 02 November 2018
This waste-eating shark drone is cleaning up waterways
There’s a new shark species patrolling waterways across the world in search of food. But unlike those that have swimmers running from...

Adelaide CBD aerial 01 November 2018
SA Water ends decade-long partnership
SA Water has announced it will not renew its 10-year Adelaide metropolitan services alliance contract with Allwater when it ends in 2021.

tap water 31 October 2018
Is sustainable finance right for your water business?
For water businesses looking to finance their operations, green or sustainable debt can be both a source of capital and a way to highlight a...

drain close up 30 October 2018
Down the drain: Do Australian cities have the wrong approach to stormwater?
An inventor from Western Australia is on a mission to change the fate of urban stormwater with an at-source solution that helps transform...

NSW Rural Community 29 October 2018
NSW Government scraps red tape to help drought-affected communities
Regional communities across New South Wales (NSW) will be able to upgrade and build new water infrastructure “faster than ever” with...

WA Awards Winners 2018 29 October 2018
WA Water Award winners announced during National Water Week
The Western Australian water industry celebrated National Water Week with the announcement of the 2018 WA Water Award winners at last...

sewer tunnel 26 October 2018
New sewer monitoring technology could spell the end of fatbergs
Sydney Water is trialling a ‘nervous system’ for sewers that will deliver real-time information about the health of its network.                                       

lake drought 25 October 2018
Enough to make you sick: study finds link between drought and gastro
As if the impact of drought on the environment wasn’t bad enough, a new study has found the current ‘big dry’ in parts of the country could also be...

AI World Map 24 October 2018
Researchers use AI to predict water conflict hotspots
With demand for water expected to grow by 55% between 2000 and 2050, competition between countries over limited water resources will be one...

Bronte Aerial Sydney 23 October 2018
The Water Directorate’s Gary Mitchell looks back on half a century in the water industry
Civil engineer and Water Directorate Executive Officer Gary Mitchell has worked on some iconic water and sewerage projects in New South Wales..

SA Landscape 22 October 2018
SA Government planning to scrap Natural Resources Management Act
Natural resources management (NRM) in South Australia is going “back to basics”, with the State Government planning to scrap the existing...

river drought climate change 19 October 2018
Water storage levels reveal “harsh new reality” of climate change
When it comes to national water storage levels, some parts of Australia could be facing major water restrictions sooner than they think due to the...

desalination plant 18 October 2018
Money flows into WA desalination project
Public and private investors have committed $396 million to fund a project to reduce salinity in Western Australia’s (WA) Wellington Dam.                     

NSW dam 17 October 2018
WaterNSW planning bulk water transfer as rain does little to ease drought
With severe drought conditions impacting many regions across New South Wales (NSW), the state’s bulk water supplier is taking action to ensure its...

water bulb 16 October 2018
Is the water sector ready for the next industrial revolution?
From telcos to television, many industries have faced massive digital disruption in recent years – and the water sector is no exception.                        

wastewater treatment plant 15 October 2018
High-tech greenhouses the key to growing a new Australian export industry
Australia has the potential to become the food bowl of Asia using a system of high-tech, water-efficient greenhouses.                                                        

wastewater treatment plant 12 October 2018
Seqwater pouring $1 million into protecting Brisbane River
Seqwater will spend almost $1 million over the next three years to improve the water quality of one of South East Queensland’s most important waterways.

wastewater treatment plant 11 October 2018
Goulburn unveils $32 million wastewater treatment plant
A new wastewater treatment plant has opened in Goulburn, NSW, bringing the city’s sewerage facilities into the 21st century.                                            

testing water for bacteria 10 October 2018
Glowing viral: Luminescent bacteria used to detect E.coli in drinking water
Scientists have engineered a virus that can find and destroy E.coli in drinking water within hours.                                                                                             

document signing 09 October 2018
Victoria’s new water pricing framework rewards utilities that put customers first
A new water pricing framework that puts customer engagement at the heart of utilities’ submissions has led to fast-tracked approvals and some of the lowest...

document signing 08 October 2018
Could carp herpes help native fish reclaim Australian waterways?
Carp were first introduced to Australia in the 1800s. Today, the ‘ecosystem engineers’ infest about one million square kilometres of the country’s waterways...

document signing 08 October 2018
Spotless supports water sector across the country
Spotless has partnered with the Association on a number of events across the country, sharing and promoting their knowledge of water management within...

document signing 05 October 2018
TasWater council owners approve state government buy-in
The Tasmanian Government will inject $200 million into TasWater over the next decade in return for a 10% share in the utility.                                                    

04 October 2018
Local knowledge vital to success of new flood research centre
The northern New South Wales town of Lismore has emerged from the devastation of Cyclone Debbie with a new National Centre for Flood Research (NCFR).

03 October 2018
PFAS remediation research receives millions in federal funding
The Federal Government has announced new funding for research into PFAS treatment and remediation, as contamination continues to plague communities...

02 October 2018
The Australian water quality specialist improving supply overseas
Yarra Valley Water (YVW)’s Asoka Jayaratne is on a mission to help utilities across south east Asia deliver safe drinking water to their customers.                    

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