Water Utility Partnerships

The Australian Water Association is pleased to be involved in a new initiative for the Australian water sector in the form of International Water Utility Partnerships.

Partnership Programs are run by key international agencies and involve focused exchange with counterpart utilities in developing countries that will enhance the skills, service delivery and operational efficiency of the developing utilities. These partnerships can also be called twinning or water operator partnerships.

The skills and expertise of Australian water utilities are tapped by pairing them with entities with similar characteristics to work on a specific project conducted over a specific timeframe (such as 18-24 months).

Partnerships offer Australian utilities significant benefits such as:

  • unique staff development opportunities
  • achievement of corporate social responsibility goals
  • international contacts, and
  • profile raising. 

The utility contributes staff time and expertise with the Program supporting international travel and accommodation costs.

For further further information see the brochure.

To give you a flavour of these partnerships visit the Waterlinks website.

Australian utilities interested in finding out how they can participate in a partnership can contact Paul Smith