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Recommended Readings

Evolution of water recycling in Australian cities since 2003
. Water Science and Technology - Radcliffe, John C. (2010). 62(4)792-802

Water ReUse. Issues, Technologies and Applications 2007 release. Metcalf & Eddy. C hapters by Asano, Levereux, Burton, Tchobanaglous & Tsuchihashi. In depth coverage of water reclamation and reuse applications with illustrative case studies.

Nitrates in Groundwater. IAH Selected Papers. This title addresses the main chemical & physical processes affecting nitrates in groundwater, their distribution in different aquifers, monitoring and protection. Relevant in the context of ASR amd stormwater storage in aquifers.

Water Recycling and Resource Recovery in Industry. Analysis, Technologies and Implementation. Editor(s): P Lens, L Hulshoff Pol, P Wilderer, T Asano. A definitive and in-depth discussion of the current state-of-the-art tools and technologies enabling the industrial recycling and reuse of water and other resources. Also presents in detail how these technologies can be implemented in order to maximize resource recycling in industrial practice.

Water Reuse: An International Survey. Subtitle: Common practices and current needs in the world. Editor(s): Blanca Jimenez et al Publication Date: October 2007 450 pages

The book will have a description on the different reuse practices in the world classified per region as well as chapters dealing with technical issues related to reuse, such as: technology, public participation, water rights, and legislation.


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Purified Recycled Water

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