Water Recycling Network

 Network Coordinator: Katie Trevor:

Stuart Khan
Gemma Nail
Aurecon, NSW
Tim Mackney
Tweed Shire Council, NSW
John C. Radcliffe
Peter Dillon
Karen Pither
Viridis Consultants, QLD
Kumaran Nagalingam
Coliban Water, VIC
Matt Shanahan
Rhys Anderson
Arup, VIC
Stephen Chapman
Evoqua Water Technologies, NSW


Dr STUART KHAN is a leading Australian researcher on trace organic chemical contaminants in water. He has a BSc (Hons) (1996) and PhD (2003). Currently he is a Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Water and Waste Technology, UNSW . Stuart has extensive advanced analytical instrumentation training and experience in organic analysis including gas chromatography high performance liquid chromatography applications and has extensive experience with quadrupole and ion-trap mass selective detectors. Dr Khan has experience with modelling chemical contaminants in aqueous systems and an undertaking risk assessment for chemical contaminants in water, wastewater and recycled water systems.

Dr PETER DILLON leads the Water Use and Reuse research group which is within the Urban and Industrial Water research program. He has a 25 years research record in source water: groundwater interaction, groundwater quality protection from diffuse and point sources, agricultural water reuse, and in recent years has led research on subsurface storage and recovery of stormwater and reclaimed water. He directed the Centre for Groundwater Studies during its formative years, and coordinated the Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program. More recently, he has led the team writing the Phase 2, Managed Aquifer Recharge component of the Australian Recycled Water Guidelines. He has undertaken research in all states and led international research projects on management of aquifer recharge, expertise for which he is highly regarded throughout the world.

has over 10 years experience in water and environmental science, specialising in water quality management, and more recently specialising in recycled water and risk management. Karen is currently with Viridis Consultants and is an Exemplar Global Lead Auditor for recycled water. Her previous roles include recycled water regulation with the QLD Department of Energy and Water Supplies, development assessment in local government and consulting.

Dr JOHN CLIVE RADCLIFFE AM FTSE is an Honorary Research Fellow in CSIRO, and Chair of the Research Advisory Committee of the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence. He was previously chair of the Water Forum of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and an inaugural Commissioner of the National Water Commission from 2005 to 2008. Prior to formal retirement in 1999, Dr Radcliffe was a Deputy Chief Executive of CSIRO. Earlier, he had been the last South Australian Director-General of Agriculture. He has an agricultural science degree from the University of Adelaide, and a PhD from Oregon State University.  

Dr KUMARAN NAGALINGAM is a fellow member of institute of Engineers Australia has 15 years of experience in working in water industry. He has a BSc (Civil) (1991), MEng (Environmental Engineering) (1994) and PhD (Process and Environmental Technology) (2002). His key experience to date includes water network modelling, planning, process engineering and research and investigation. He is currently working in Coliban Water as a reclaimed water process engineer. He is mostly interested in recycled water reuse.

TIM MACKNEY is a civil engineer with 20 years experience in Australia and overseas in construction, consultancies and public sector entities.  He has broad based technical and commercial experience gained across multiple sectors and in strategic/planning, construction and operations roles. His previous role was Manager of Water & Wastewater at Ballina Shire Council responsible for delivery and operation of several recycled water schemes including the largest regional dual reticulation scheme in regional NSW ultimately supplying recycled water to 7500 households. Currently Tim is Manager of Infrastructure Delivery at Tweed Shire Council. 

RHYS ANDERSON is a senior process engineer and the Australasian Skills Network Manager at Arup, based in Melbourne. He is passionate about water and wastewater projects, and particularly water recycling. His experience includes sewer mining, industrial wastewater and treatment of emerging chemicals of concern in the industrial sector.

STEPHEN CHAPMAN is an accomplished water industry professional, who over the last 25 years has worked for various pre-eminent international consulting firms, technology providers, and client organisations in Australia and overseas. Stephen is widely recognised for his contributions to recycled water projects such as the Gippsland Water Factory, North Head Recycled Water Plant Googong Water Recycling Plant and the internationally significant NEWater projects (Bedok, Kranji, Ulu Pandan, Seletar and Changi) that now provide Singapore with 30% of its drinking water supplies. Stephen currently heads up the project delivery arm of Evoqua who is the leading supplier of membranes into the Australian water market.

GEMMA NAIL is an experienced process engineer who has successfully managed the commissioning, operations and optimisation of several water treatment processes. She has been responsible for developing many operational and commissioning documents including commissioning schedules, recycled water compliance plans and procedures. She has a strong knowledge of wastewater treatment and advanced treatment processes involved in the production of recycled water. 
As the Lead Commissioning Engineer at Gippsland Water Factory, she was responsible for the planning and commissioning various process units including the reverse osmosis system. This involved the development of commissioning plans assessing the process, environmental and safety requirements, as well as undertaking design and HAZOP reviews. As the Process Engineer at Fairfield Recycled Water Plant, Gemma was responsible for the day to day running of the plant and supervising plant operators with regards to all process, laboratory and environmental duties. Through the development of membrane (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis) cleaning regimes and analysis of the plant’s performance she assisted with the optimisation of the plant and meeting the recycled water quality targets. Recently, in her role as Senior Water Process Engineer at Aurecon, she has been involved in a number of planning and feasibility projects for the provision of recycled water for dual reticulation and irrigation use.