NSW YWP Committee

Name                           Committee Position
Gareth Clemens           Chair
Abrar Alttahir                   Vice Chair
Jessica Vorreiter           Secretary
Urmi Vats                   PD / Social
Casey Magee                   Specialist Network
Emily Ryan                   Branch Rep
Carla Frankel                   Comms
Steven Muliawan           Mentoring Rep
Rebecca Carlier           Regional Rep
Madeline Rincheval           Advocacy
Chelsea Hayward           Student Rep

Elline Camilet                  General Member
Jack Sutton                  General Member
James Simpson          General Member
Jim Chesterfield          General Member
Kathryn Silvester          General Member
Peter Haylock                  General Member
Shona Fitzgerald          General Member
Sienna Xue                  General Member
Tony Cartwright          General Member
Yulia Shutova                  General Member
You may contact any of the committee members on nswbranch@awa.asn.au