Day 4 at Vietwater 2016

Posted 15 November 2016
Reported by Huong Nguyen

Day 4 of the exhibition involved a wide range of workshops and technical seminars organised by the Australian Water Association and the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSSA). It was wonderful to see so many participants showing their interest and engagement in these workshops and seminars.

At the Vietnam-Australia workshop on water quality management, participants had an opportunity to hear from Vietnamese and Australian experts on water quality management and innovative low-cost technology that can be used in urban, rural and remote towns in Vietnam. Throughout this workshop, Australian delegates gained a better understanding of policy framework, regulations and drinking water quality assurance in Vietnam, as well as Vietnam water safety planning, its initial achievements and gaps, and priorities for water quality.

Each of the Australian exhibitors had the opportunity to provide an overview of their experiences, practical tools to validate treatment technology and resources to support safe water supply, and implement water safety plans, analytical techniques and equipment to measure water quality.

The workshop on water quality management assisted both Australian delegates and Vietnamese water companies to identify opportunities for collaboration in the future.

Greg Oliver, CEO of WaterSecure, presented on the introduction to the Australian Framework for Validation of Water Treatment Technology Performance. ALS Global's Bruce Pollard presented on the overview of analytical approaches to support implementation of water safety plans. And Adrian Zammit of Pacific Environment presented on information technology and real-time measurement of the performance of water treatment tech.


Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association's Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Viet Anh presenting water safety plans in Vietnam

Coliban Water's David Sheehan presenting practical insights on the implementation of water safety plans in Australia from three Australian water utilities

Evoqua's Bruce Biltoft presenting on the introduction of advanced drinking water treatment technology from Australia