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 Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize 

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the world’s most prestigious youth award given to a high school student for water research. 

In Australia, the Australian Water Association organises the national competition, with support from Xylem.

The winner of the Australian competition is invited to participate in the international competition held each year during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, competing with over 30 countries in the international final.  

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Meet our Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winner for 2018

Recycling Waste into Biochar: A Sustainable Wastewater Filter and Fertiliser for the Agricultural Industry 
Minh Nga Nguyen, Sydney Girls High School (NSW)
Nga’s project is entitled “Recycling Waste into Biochar”, a sustainable waste water filter and fertilizer for the agricultural industry. Her project formed a model of application in which agricultural plant wastes are recycled into a multipurpose biochar charcoal, that can filter wastewater and fertilise plants. Nga found that bamboo biochar filter packs could remove 45.6% of harmful pollutants in wastewater, lowering pollutant content to meeting Australian guidelines. Her findings have the potential for application in the agricultural industry, allowing farmers to recover polluting plant wastes and turn it into biochar used to treat livestock wastewater, as well as aid crop growth.

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Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2018 Poster

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Why enter the competition?

Our 2017 Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize winner, Macinley Butson spoke to us about what a great opportunity this competition is for students with a passion for STEM. Check out the video to find out for yourself!


Important dates

August 2018    2019 ASJWP entries open
14 December 2018
   Entries close
8 May 2019    Winner presented award at Ozwater’19 in Melbourne
24-29 August 2019    Australian winner goes to international SJWP competition during World Water Week in Stockholm