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  • AWA is committed to promoting the sustainable management of water. By just being an active member you become both a contributor to, and recipient of these important benefits.


    AWA encourages its corporate members to demonstrate their shared commitment to promoting responsible management and conservation of water and the environment through acknowledgment of their AWA membership. 


    Please read the Logo Usage Guidelines for details on how the logo can be applied.



    Please note- to ensure that the AWA is not seen to be endorsing any particular product or company in preference to others, permission to use the AWA logo or make reference to the AWA in promotional material (printed and electronic) is provided under the following conditions and guidelines:


    • Corporate members may use the AWA logo
    • Any use of the Australian Water Association title or AWA logo will be discreet and less prominent than the company or product name, logo or banner.
    • The use of the AWA logo or any reference to AWA must clearly imply that the company or organisation is representing itself simply as a member of AWA. The words "member of" must be used in conjunction with the use of the AWA logo or title.
    • Preferably all references to AWA (logo or name) will be at the bottom or lower margin of the page or promotion, or at least presented in such a manner as to not appear as the promoting organisation or sponsor of the product.
    • The AWA logo must be obtained from AWA national office and used without modification of the colours or font styles. 



    In providing this approval to use the AWA logo or acknowledgment of AWA membership, the Australian Water Association, in so doing, assumes no responsibility or liability for the opinions or statements of facts expressed by the company using the AWA logo or name in its advertising, promotion, letterheads or other printed or electronic communications and material.