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About Us

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    Peter Moore
    AWA member since 1972 
    Chief Operations Officer 
    Water Corporation, Western Australia

    Peter Moore  

    Immediate Past PRESIDENT

    Graham Dooley
    AWA Member since 1983


    Osmoflo, South Australia

    Graham Dooley    

    Carmel Krogh

    AWA Member since 1989

    Director Shoalhaven Water

    Shoalhaven City Council,  

    New South Wales

    Carmel v2

    Francois Gouws

    AWA member since 2008
    Managing Director
    Trility, South Australia


    Francois Gouws
    Jodieann Dawe 
    AWA member since 2009 
    Managing Director, Pivotal Strategies, SA
    Jodieann Dawe 2011

    Malcolm Shepherd 

    AWA Member since 2007
    Industry General Manager, 
    Water & Enviro
    John Holland, QLD
    Malcolm Shepherd

    Annette Davison
    AWA member since 2000 

    Director and Principal
    Risk Edge, NSW

    Annette Davison
      Garth Walter
    AWA Member since 2007
    Manager Ground Control and Water
    Integrated Operations Mines, Iron Ore
    BHP Billiton, Western Australia

    Garth Walter
      Jeremy Lucas
    AWA member since 1998
    Senior Manager, Water Quality and Treatment Strategy
    Strategy and Planning
    SA Water

    Jeremy Lucas

    Mike Muntisov
    AWA Member since 1997

    Global Technical Leader, Water
    GHD, VIC

    Mike Muntisov