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Welcome to the Australian Capital Territory Branch of AWA
  •   The ACT Branch has a unique position as it services major federal agencies as well as the territory and surrounding region. The ACT branch provides events that are small to medium size and provide very strong networking opportunities.


    The major events held on annual basis are:


    • Water Matters Conference
    • Water Leaders Dinner
    • Student and Industry Awards
    • Evening Technical Seminars


    There is a very strong Young Water Professionals (YWP) group in the Branch. This special interest group for younger or newer people in the water industry (up to the age of 35) focuses on opportunities for socialising, networking, and exposure to the wider water industry.



    The ACT Branch publishes a newsletter on a regular basis  providing branch news and announcing upcoming events. If you would like to contribute please send information to Peta Owsnett the ACT Branch Manager.


    Hydological Society, Canberra

    After a period of hibernation the Hydrological Society of Canberra are now up and running. To read their latest newsletter please click here 


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